File Cabinet Keys

At Burley’s Lock & Key, we can help you keep your office documents safe and secure. Many office desks and file cabinets have locks, which are great for protecting sensitive papers. However, it’s common to lose the keys, and that can be frustrating. Don’t worry! We have a solution for all your problems. We can create a new key for your lock without needing to send a locksmith to your office. This way, you can regain access to your important files quickly and easily. Trust us to provide you with the best service to keep your documents safe!

Our file cabinet locksmith is skilled at making working keys by hand. We can also give you new locks for your cabinets and desks if they’re missing or broken. Sometimes, these locks are old and don’t work properly. But don’t worry; we have replacements for almost any type of lock. If you have locks and keys, we can take care of them too! Just give us a call, and we’ll make sure your office file cabinets and desks are secure and safe. Trust us to handle all your lock and key needs! Our file locks are super secure, keeping your files safe. You can trust us with the latest technology. Your documents will be in good hands.

When you can’t find the file cabinet key, it can really mess up your workday. You need the key to access important files, but the cabinets are made to keep people out if they don’t have the key. Don’t worry though; getting a replacement key isn’t hard. Whether your cabinet is vertical or lateral, you can get a new key. Just reach out to the cabinet manufacturer for help. However, this might take some time, and you could end up waiting for weeks to get the new key. That might be too long to wait! So, be careful with your key and keep it safe to avoid this interruption.